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Welcome to the Wildcatters' den. Here, you have access to all things related to our chapter. You can find information about what we do as an AAPG student chapter and more about our members. Take a look at what we have been up to on our Join AAPG page on the top bar of our site. If you have any other questions, you can visit the Contact Us page and reach us via e-mail.

What's New?

  Join us in the Fall for a variety of talks, short courses, picnics and other great events!

   Congratulations to the new 2016- 2017 AAPG Wildcatters Officers

  Join us for the Annual Holiday Party!! Hosted by the AAPG Wildcatters, GeoSociety and SEG Wavelets. Date to be announced later

   GEOExPro magazine is now available online on the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Resources page! Just sign up with your @mail.uh.edu e-mail address.

   Our AAPG Wildcatter Polos are still in stock! If you would like to purchase one, click here for more info.

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