"The IBA competition allows participants to work closely with industry experts and UH professors, as well as motivated and like-minded students. Anyone pursuing a career in the oil and gas industry should seriously consider participating in the IBA. It is a fantastic opportunity that can only be done once. For this reason, one must be willing to commit fully to the effort. For my part, I hoped the IBA would offer practical knowledge of my chosen field. I earned my undergraduate degree from a university that does not have a dedicated “petroleum” focus, and I cannot imagine a better introduction to petroleum geoscience (sorry Dr. Bhattacharya) than the AAPG’s IBA competition. I gained so much knowledge from my participation in the IBA that I will always regard it as the first step towards what I hope will become a long career of learning. I am incredibly proud of our team and the success we celebrated this past year. The experience is certainly a team effort, and we could not have been so competitive without the excellent guidance of our mentors." - Jesse Ortega, 2012