2012 EAS Holliday Party and Photo Competition! - UH AAPG, SEG, and GeoSociety students groups hosted the EAS department holiday party this year at Nouveau Antique Art Bar for the second year in a row. Students enjoyed a night of catered food from Niko Niko's and a chance to fraternize before finals. The photo competition had over 80 entries this year and attendees had a difficult choosing a winner from all of the wonderful photos. In the end, the voters chose the following winners for each category:

  • Tania Mukherjee - Scenery
  • Ozbil Yapar - Adventure
  • Louis Carlos Carvajal - People
  • Ozbil Yapar - Humor

Congratulations everyone!

Also in attendance, Dr. Lisa Buckner from Hess Corporation spent some time getting to know the EAS students and presented a generous $1000 contribution from the company to each of the geoscience student organizations! We would like to send a big "thank you" to her and the Hess Corporation for their significant contribution! We hope that everyone enjoyed their evening and that this tradition will continue long into the future.