2013 Fall Lecture Series Begins - The event is open to all undergrad and grad geology and geophysics students who are interested in working in the oil and gas industry.  This meeting will be run by current UH students who have had success getting interviews, internships, and full-time job offers through campus recruitment. We will cover everything you need to know about recruitment in the oil and gas industry with specific application to recruitment at UH:

  • How to write a great resume 
  • What type of jobs offered with a BS vs. MS vs. PhD degree
  • Overview of company culture and strategy 
  • Overview of typical interview styles of oil and gas companies 


2013 Spring Lecture Series Continues - After the GeoSociety - NeoGeos event, students made their way to SR-I 634 for another installment of the 2013 UH AAPG Spring Lecture Series. Michael Rhodes from Southwestern Energy gave a talk called "Oil and Gas in your Career: Is a Social License Necessary? A Canadian Experience", where he discussed his experiences while conducting geophysical surveys in New Brunswick, Canada. During his talk, Michael provided a variety of examples where the local population influenced daily operations, and suggested ways to be prepared such instances. His overall message to our group was that it is imperative for geoscientists to be educated in not only geology and geophysics, but to also be familiar with other facets of the industry in order to be ready for the cultural, social, and public challenges of petroleum exploration.